Dr. Casey McCaffrey

Dr. Casey McCaffrey was born in Hornell, NY and resided in The Finger Lakes region until his family relocated to Oswego, NY at which time he attended Riley School. Upon graduation from Oswego High School, Dr. McCaffrey attained a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Oswego followed by his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa.

Dr. McCaffrey opened his practice at 184 W. Fourth St. in Oswego in October. He said, “I have always enjoyed living in Oswego. Because of many excellent, dedicated teachers, I received an excellent education, and I believe Oswego is a friendly, family environment. Due to these factors, I felt it a logical place to build my practice. Since I have opened my practice, it has validated that choice. I have met some great patients and have had wonderful support from my fellow chiropractors, friends and family.

In addition to my skills, like many good chiropractors, I spend enough time with my patients to get to know a little about them. Besides building the doctor patient relationship, that often leads to further insights into their medical problem. My patients have been most appreciative and our interactions have been very rewarding. I am not going to say that building a practice has been easy, because it is just that building. Like anything worthwhile it takes time and patience. I am seeing steady growth. It is a journey worth taking.

Dr. McCaffrey writes a column for the Oswego County Today.com entitled The Spinal Column. He is featured every 4-6 weeks. Dr. McCaffrey has written articles on such topics as: air travel, backpacks, arthritis, shoveling snow and chiropractics. His articles have also been featured in The Shopper.